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Hotel vs Villa. 7 reasons why Villa is a better choice!

When you have to choose villa instead of a hotel, there is simply no competition. If you know what you’re paying for, a villa is the clear winner.

The reasons are:

1. When it comes to your precious getaway, no hotel room or suite or resort can beat the privacy, exclusivity and and the luxury of a villa.

2. A villa vacation offers you unequalled options to do exactly what you want wherever whenever and however you want it in the place you are.

3. A villa can accommodate the needs of practically any family or private party from 2 to up to 30 or more guests.

Top reasons to visit Mykonos

Thinking about your next summer holiday in the middle of winter? We can’t blame you! There’s no better way to lift your spirits on a cold, grey and dreary day. And if you dream of sun, sea and endless partying with a splash of culture, then Mykonos is the destination for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons to visit the most glamorous island in Greece.

1.    Nightlife: With its world famous clubs and bars, if you want to party with the jet-setters, Mykonos is the place to be, its nightlife being often compared to that of Ibiza. From classy and sophisticated Caprice to all-day beach party mayhem in Super Paradise, you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for, from dusk ‘til dawn!

2.    The Church of Paraportiani: One of the most photographed sights in Mykonos, it is the main feature of “Kastro”, meaning “castle”, which is the oldest part of town. The name “Paraportiani” comes from the word “porta”, meaning “door”, as it was built next to the entrance of the medieval castle in Mykonos town. Dating back to mid-15th century A.D., in reality, the church is a group of five smaller churches built in 4 different architectural styles: Byzantine, vernacular, traditional and western.

3.    Windmills: The No. 1 Mykonos trademark, scattered throughout the island, are the picturesque 16th century windmills. Back then, Mykonos was a very popular trade route and the windmills were built near the harbor to be easily accessible for delivering flour and grains. Today, the windmills are no longer in use, but many of them still stand, offering endless photo-opportunities.

Explore Mykonos Island

Famous Mykonos
Mykonos is situated in the center of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is easily one of the most famous Greek islands known throughout the world for its bars, clubs, nightlife and its beautiful sandy beaches, thousands of visitors from all over the globe visit every summer.

Mykonos is the party capital of the world

Mykonos has a population of less than 10,000 people, but this figure is increased quite a lot during the summer months, the majority of the islanders live in the main town, Mykonos, sometimes known as Chora on the west side of the island.

At one time Mykonos was always associated with the jet set and celebrates, but nowadays the island is hot spot for the young coming for the amazing nightlife and couples on their honeymoon, easily on par with places like Ibiza. Mykonos attracts some of the top DJ’s in the world and has been recently voted one top destination in Europe.