Villa Evi Mykonos


Enjoy beautifull & famous beaches nearby Villa Evi Mykonos for swimming and relaxation:

Paradise Beach

It all started in the early 60s, when the first nudists started invading the beaches of Mykonos and in particular the Paradise Beach. This was their
meeting point. Tourists of all nationalities,
extravagant parties and beach bars create a small town that has its own rules and its own pace.

At Paradise Beach the fun starts early, with flirting and teasing on the beach and the sea and continuing with shots, drinks and cocktails at Tropicana Beach Bar. Girls and boys full of fun and excitement rocking their bodies to the upbeat music while simultaneously surrendering to the frantic pace. Paradise Beach is one of the famous beaches of Mykonos nearby Villa Evi where fun is unstopable all day long with funky atmoshpere.

Paraga Beach


Paraga beach is the first in the chain of southern beaches which is tolerant to nude sunbathing and supports the needs of the young and fashionable.

Set in a picturesque landscape the restaurants and music beach bars help to create a holiday atmosphere for not only its daily visitors but for those who chose to stay in its hotels and well organized camping facilities.One of the  loveliest beaches on the island.

On the south coast of Mykonos, its fine pale sands, rocks forming a natural diving platform, umbrellas of dry leaves, restaurants and beach bars under the trees and sun beds , create a gorgeous summer scene. This is a popular beach with the locals as well as the tourists.

Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos (or Platys Gialos) is a popular tourist resort of Mykonos. It is found to the south side of the island, in distance 4km from Chora.platys-gialos-near-villa-evi

The beach of the region is very well organized. The long sandy beach, the crystal waters and the completely equipped installations that facilitate the bathers are the reasons of the fame of Platys Gialos. From here leaves the boat with which you can approach the famous beaches Paradise and Super Paradise. Also, you can see in the location Lito the ruins from three towers of Hellenistic season.