Villa Evi Mykonos


Famous Beaches

Famous Beaches with exceptional natural landscape nearby Villa Evi that you can reach are Paradise Beach, Paraga Beach and Platys Gyalos.

Amazing Beach Bars – Day & Night

At Paradise Beach fun is off the charts as one of the HOT SPOTS of Mykonos, nearby to Villa Evi. The natural beauty of Paradise Beach in conjunction with the rousing SEXY BEATS of the DJ’S create a unique atmosphere.

Rhythm, music, flirting, bodies swaying sensually create a special atmosphere you want to enjoy and squeeze until the last drop.
The sea and the sun are energizing. After 4:30 pm the music takes its place as the DJ gives the signal and all together, a great company that is celebrating until late at night. Sensuous dance, dancers, happenings, speaker man, sexy swimwear, relaxed mood, plenty of drinks and hot atmosphere create a unique Beach Party. The sense of freedom of the open beach bar by the sea is a unique entertainment experience on Mykonos that many of our friends travel to the most distant parts of the earth to live.

Traditional Windmills of Mykonos

The No. 1 Mykonos trademark, scattered throughout the island, are the picturesque 16th century windmills. Back then, Mykonos was a very popular trade route and the windmills were built near the harbor to be easily accessible for delivering flour and grains. Today, the windmills are no longer in use, but many of them still stand, offering endless photo-opportunities.